How we work


Inside our organization, many of these patterns were applied either consciously or subconsciously. We felt the need to bring these patterns forward from under lock and key into the clear light of day for everyone's awareness.

400 Dollar Website has been successfully operating in the Internet market since 2011. Our aim is simple: the development of professional, result-oriented websites for businesses and organisations.

We guarantee our quality by working on a personal basis. Keywords are: short lines, both creative and efficient, thinking along with the client and committed to achieving your goals.

Our first-hand experience of both the rise of the dotcom-hype and the bursting of the Internet bubble has given us a solid basis for a ‘no-nonsense’ mentality. Do not let your investments turn into expenses but instead be genuine investments that more than pay for themselves.

How else can we convince you? Have a look at our portfolio, so you can see for which companies we have previously made a website.